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Our complete circle track harness is every wire your car needs to run. Runs on 4 switches (ignition, fuel pump, starter, and fan). Moves the PCM inside the car. The engine harness disconnects via 2 connectors at the firewall. Has OBD port and there are 3 wires run for gauges. One comes from the PCM for tach, and 2 go into the engine harness to hook up to 2 sending units if desired for aftermarket gauges.

It is universal for 1995-2002 engines in any year Neon. The PCM connectors detach from interior harness to be switched out from 95 to 96-99 to 2000-2002 PCMs. Or megasquirt setups.

The MAP/IAT section, TPS connector, and IAC connectors all detach as well for easy switching among various options. Comes with both starter connectors on harness, alternator adapter for 95-97 style alternators, pigtails to hook up to aftermarket fans/fuel pumps to plug right in, and injector adapters for both style (EV1 and EV6) injectors.

Comes with a fuse holder with 4 fuses inline with the battery harness and the switch wires. All you need to do is hook up battery harness and ground rings, install harness and hook up switches/gauges to race!

NOTE: Harness comes with the 03-05 Neon oxygen sensor connector and 95-99 coolant temp sensor connector. The sensors themselves fit all years, the connectors just changed.

1995-2002 Complete Circle Track Harness

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