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New engine harnesses for 1st gens. Currently only offering new harnesses for 1996-1999 Neons. Everything is brand new except for the PCM connector and pins, and the oxygen sensor connectors and pins. Both are out of production and I haven't found a replacement yet.


Can have them pre-wired for FIC or MS, or get them totally factory. Only connector that can be left off is the EGR connector, which will throw a code.


Certain connectors must be updated to the new flat pin style as the connectors/pins are not available for the old round pin versions:

Cam sensor

Crank sensor

Coil pack

Vehicle speed sensor

Oxygen sensor will be the 2003-2005 SOHC Neon connector.

Since each harness will vary due to different connector options, they are build to order and may take up to 3-4 weeks to assemble.

1st gen engine harnesses

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