SRT-4 MFS relay rewire kit


With MFS connector repair kit

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MFS connector repair kit included
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Without MFS connector repair kit

We've developed this kit to combat melting MFS (multi-function switch) connectors. From the factory, all the current for the headlights and fog lights passes through this connector. Over time, it degrades, melts, and can even catch fire! Our kit rewires the MFS circuits to put the high beams, low beams, and fog beams onto relays.

Install is simple, although it's not quite plug and play. 6 wires from the MFS need to be moved to the black connector in our kit, and then 3 wires run back from the black connector to the MFS, and 3 wires run from the MFS to ground. The terminals are the same for both connectors, so no splicing is required




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