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While I've only been offering wiring products for Neons for the past two years, I have extensive experience with wiring and DC electrical troubleshooting. Spent 8 years as a service technician for electric forklifts and have wired up megasquirt on several of my own Neons in the past dozen years.

I never really sat down and said "Oh I should start a business to do custom wiring for Neons." That'd be crazy. But I started with some circle track body harnesses for some local Neon people that came by for parts and transmission work. The original intent was to take a stock harness apart, remove unnecessary wires, and charge for a stripped down stock harness wrapped in electric tape. Same thing lots of people have done for years and still do.

I wasn't a fan of the end result (even though it worked great) so I started researching the connectors and where to get wire in the factory colors. Through countless hours of Googling and sending old connectors out to people and alot of pure luck, I've slowly found just about every connector under the hood of a Neon, allowing me to build new (or in some cases as close to new as possible) harnesses without the need to ship me a dirty core and get back 17-22 year old wiring.

I slowly increased my product line, always with the goal of being stupid simple to install, as close to 100% brand new as possible, affordable, and top-notch quality in one harness. Moved into the SRT world with TPS rewires and fuel pump rewires and many more products from there.

Hopped over to full-time wiring back on July 1, 2016 due to extremely high demand and dissatisfaction with my job.

I've literally started by building them in my kitchen with everything on a shop cart, moved into a spare room in our house and filled that up, and finally got my 20x30 shop setup to do it out of for now. Always looking to expand and grow, hopefully I'll be adding onto that this year so I can do more live-wiring on customer cars instead of building on a piece of plywood and shipping them out!

What we started with
The first harness
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