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SRT-4 Engine Harness


Brand new tucked SRT-4 engine harnesses. Pre-wired for WOT boxes and the PCM connector detaches from engine harness. Either to later hook up to our tucked engine bay harnesses, or for easily wiring in standalone/piggyback controllers like MS, FIC, or any others.

Front half of harness runs up underneath the intake manifold where it splits to all the sensors on front of block. Back half routes runs under oil pan next to transmission. 1 split runs along the jackshaft housing to the o2 sensor, alternator, and up around to the coil pack while the other branch runs up to C101 however fits with your exhaust setup.

6-pin connector next to C101 has the wires for the WOT box run to it, and comes with a jumper plugged in, looping the ASD wire feeding the injectors and coil pack. Simple unplug jumper, plug in our WOT box adapter harness, and run harness through firewall. Plug into the wot box, and hook up the clutch pedal jumper. No splicing required!

Rear branch. Oil pressure and VSS at first split, O2, alternator field and output, and coil pack on left. Right branch to C101 and WOT box connector.


First split. TPS, IAC, IAT, and starter hookup. "Standard" length TPS/IAC leads for stock throttle body placement.

PCM adapter. 24-wire inline connector allows PCM connector to detach. Can plug into stage 3 engine bay tuck, or adapters for standalone/piggyback controllers.

6-pin connector on end of WOT box harness.

6-pin connector on end of WOT box harness plugged into engine harness..

Clutch pedal switch adapter. Green/black wires come uninstalled for easy routing through firewall. Simply insert pins into each connector, and plug inline with the clutch pedal switch in the car to tap into clutch pedal signal.


Front branch. Injectors, MAP, coolant, knock, crank, starter solenoid, cam, and A/C connectors (optional).

WOT box adapter harness

6-pin connector with jumper installed to run without WOT box harness.

WOT box connector. Just plug into WOT box and go!

First split. TPS, IAC, IAT, and starter hookup. Extended length on TPS/IAC for intake manifolds that move throttle body up.

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