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SRT-4 Dual Fuel Pump Rewire Harness


With stock 4-pin and 2-pin connectors


With 6-pin header

We've developed a plug-and-play wiring harness for those of you with twin/dual fuel pumps. Comes with 2 options depending on how your pumps are wired.

Some people drill a hole in the canister to pass through 2 wires for the 2nd pump, while using the stock connector for the first pump. For this type of setup, order the option with stock 4-pin connector plus 2-pin connector.

A better way to wire them is to install our 6-pin header in place of the stock 4-pin header that's in the canister. Then both pumps and fuel level sender can be wired to the connector and our harness plugs into it. Includes header plus connector and pins for inside the tank to hook up pumps so it all plugs in.

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