Complete Circle Track Harness


Engine Harness


Interior Harness


Firewall connectors

Our complete circle track harness is every wire your 03-05 powered Neon needs to run. Runs on 3 switches (ignition, starter, and fan). Moves the PCM inside the car. The engine harness disconnects via 2 connectors at the firewall. Has OBD port, connector for SKIM module, and a breakout for a tach adapter to install a tach.


Also comes with injector adapters so both EV1 and EV6 injectors can be used right out of the box!

Pre-order through March 15, 2020 for $50 off!


Switches (Ignition, fan, start

Fuse/relay box. Fuel pump, ASD, Starter, and R/T manifold relay and fuses.


Battery harness


Fuel pump harness

Interior end of wiring. 3 PCM plugs, OBD port, SKIM module, connection for fuel pump harness and battery harness, breakout for optional tach adapter install, and ground wire.