1st gen Neon Engine Harness

New engine harnesses for 1st gens. This one is pre-wired to accept our MS and FIC plug-in harnesses. We've added a 14-pin connector inline with the harness holding the wires necessary to run FIC and/or MS. Also added a 6-pin connector with ignition power and the 5v reference and sensor ground wires. They can be run on stock PCM, MS, or FIC just by swapping in the correct harness, or leaving it plugged in as pictured for stock PCM.

14-wire inline connector
Disconnects to allow MS or FIC harness to tap into/intercept necessary wires. Or leave plugged in to run on factory ECU.
Front half of harness
Injector, throttle body, and starter sections.
Behind engine
O2 sensors, crank, alternator, oil pressure, cam and coil connectors.
6-wire connector for FIC/MS
Holds ignition power plus 5v reference and sensor ground wires for FIC/MS. Comes with jumper installed to run on factory ECU.
PCM end of harness
PCM connector, inline 14-pin connector, added 6-pin connector, plus the two connectors that connect to engine bay harness.
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