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Complete Circle Track Harness

Neon circle track dash harness

Engine Harness

Engine Harness

Interior Harness

Firewall connectors

Our complete circle track harness is every wire your car needs to run. Runs on 4 switches (ignition, fuel pump, starter, and fan). Moves the PCM inside the car. The engine harness disconnects via 2 connectors at the firewall. Has OBD port and there are 3 wires run for gauges. One comes from the PCM for tach, and 2 go into the engine harness to hook up to 2 sending units.

It is universal for 1995-2002 engines in any year Neon. The PCM connectors detach from interior harness to be switched out from 95 to 96-99 to 2000-2002 PCMs. Or megasquirt setups.

The MAP/IAT section, TPS connector, and IAC connectors all detach as well for easy switching among various options. Comes with both starter connectors on harness, and alternator adapter is available for using the 95-97 alternators.

Also comes with injector adapters so both EV1 and EV6 injectors can be used right out of the box!

Comes with a fuse holder with 4 fuses inline with the battery harness and the switch wires. All you need to do is hook up battery harness and ground rings, install harness and hook up switches/gauges to race!

Neon IAC

IAC adapter

Switch wiring

TPS adapters

Battery harness

Fuel pump harness

PCM adapter

Alternator adapter

Alternator adapter

MAP/IAT adapter

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