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Complete engine/PCM harness to run an SRT-4 engine in anything! Comes with 2 toggle switches for ignition power and start.

Pre-wired to plug your WOT box or boost box into, provisions for factory cluster to function minimally (with separate adapter), options for clutch switch interlock (via pedal switch or built in to starter switch), comes with aluminum plate to mount to firewall, labelled fuse box with brackets to bolt to floor/firewall, SKIM module connector (or just have Neon PCMs Plus on FB delete it for you), breakout to run an MSD 8913 or similar tach adapter, adapters to run single or dual style fans, aftermarket fuel pumps, etc.

This will run an SRT-4 or PT GT engine on the floor or test stand, so if you can mount it in a vehicle, it will run. All you need is a battery, fuel pump, and ECU. All harness connections are setup for a factory engine harness (SRT-4 intake manifold style or PT Cruiser intake manifold style which moves the TPS, MAP, IAC, and IAT sensors up over the engine) and SRT-4 fans/fuel pump. Adapters allow you to connect the harness to any aftermarket setup. PT Cruiser PCMs can be used as long as the pin mapping is the same as the SRT-4.

2003-2005 SRT-4 complete swap harness

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