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Convenient way to hook up your whip lights to any late 2022 and newer ZForce 950. Gen 2 trail/sports and HOEX/HO Sport models. Plugs right into the gray 8-cavity "trailer" connector found in the rear center of the HO models, and near the right tail light of the Gen 2 Sport/Trail models.


First up is our standard pigtail. Splice the 6 wires to your whips and plug them in to have ignition power, ground, and brakes working. If you have our turn signal kits, you will also gain left/right turn signals and reverse lights (on non HO models).


We also made a version that allows for a switch to be installed so you can turn your whips on/off while the vehicle is running. It comes with a jumper installed so it acts the same as the first one, but allows the easy addition of a switch.


And we have our switch lead. If your kit came with a standard rectangular Carling style switch, it will plug right into our harness. Otherwise we do have authentic Carling switches with laser etched covers.


Any gen2 owners that installed our turn signal kits prior to March 28, 2024 you will need to swap out your rear harness. We have made a running change to add the whip light connector to the harness since we plug our rear harness into them.


HOEX/HO Sport owners with our turn signal kit installed MUST also get the HO jumper in order to "activate" the turn signals at the gray connector due to how CF Moto wired the vehicle.

2022+ CF Moto ZForce 950 whip light pigtails

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