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100% Plug and Play turn signal kit for CF Moto UForce Z950 HOEX and HO Sport models


NOTE WHEN INSTALLING THIS KIT, THERE IS A CHANCE YOU'LL PLUG THE LEVER ADAPTER INTO THE WRONG CONNECTOR. There are 3 total connectors that match our lever adapter. One is for the horn as described in the video. And then there are TWO more that will have the same colored wires in them that plug into our kit for the turn signal switch. They are wired differently, if you plug into the wrong one, you won't get anything when you select "left" and it'll flash "left" when you select "right" with the lever or switch. Simply find the other connector (usually plugged into the back of the switch blanks up in the dash) and plug into that one. The orange and blue wires on our lever adapter should line up with the orange and blue wires in the machine.


Install video (2022-2023 with gray connector):

Light options:


Check under the dash to the right of the steering column for the 12-cavity gray connector, found on 2022-2023 models. It may be tucked up behind the power steering motor.


The rear utilizes factory taillights. For models WITH the gray connector, simple taillight adapters plug inline with the taillights. For models without the gray connector, a harness runs to the rear taillights from the module.


For the front, the ZForce has an amber built into the headlight.


For control, select either 3 rocker switches (horn, hazard, and turn signal) or column mounted lever with our custom laser cut and powdercoated brackets.


Our kits use all OEM connectors to plug into the machine and are made in the USA. Our turn signal control module is assembled and overmolded in house.


Optional lighted license plate light is available as well. Made from 1/8" thick aluminum, powdercoated black, and has a chrome bezeled license plate light attached to it with 4 LEDs built in for maximum visibility. Additional $35


When ordering, please double check that your machine has the appropriate connectors. CF Moto did many changes over the years and not every change lines up with model year.

CF Moto ZForce 950 HOEX and HO Sport Turn Signal Kit

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