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Install video on RZR:


Revolutionary plug and play backup light system for ALL Polaris models with the 8-pin diagnostic port. Our backup light controller simply plugs into the diagnostic port, where it gets battery power, ground, ignition power, and taps into the CAN network to "listen" to when you shift into reverse. When you do, it turns on a lightbar. We offer a 1" x 6" mini light bar, and a 21" long light bar.

The 21" long light bar mounts perfectly to the holes on the back of a Ranger cab with the included bolts and spacers. Remove the 2 torx bolts, mount the light, run cable from light to controller, and you're set.


We've also built in a feature where a switch can manually turn the light bar on, even with the ignition off. So you can use it as a rear work light as well. Pull up to your deer or brush pile, shut off your machine, flip on switch and work for hours.

The light bars we've selected are mega bright and draw very little current. 


Our 1"x6" bar has 2,100 Lumens and draws only 1.6 amps.

Our 1"x21" bar has 3,000 lumen output, and draws only 3.4 amps.


Since our controller takes power from the diagnostic port, we can only output up to 5 amps before the fuse on your machine blows.


For the models, there are 2 different CAN networks. The Ranger Xpedition, Ranger 1500, and RZR Pro R (all the highest level models), Polaris used a faster CAN network. All of the other models (Sportsman, General, Ranger 570-1000, RZR etc) uses the slower CAN network otherwise the controllers will look identical.


Also verify where your diagnostic port is located on the vehicle. Rangers are usually under the back/only seat, RZR tends to be under the hood/steering column area. Xpedition and 1500 is in the column as well. This will dictate what length cables we send with your light bar and switch.


If you choose to order without a light bar, please ensure you are wiring it up with a relay for anything larger than a 5 amp load! It will come with a 2 wire pigtail that you can use to wire up to your setup and then just plug in.

Polaris Plug and Play Backup lights

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