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Our most popular product, plug-and-play fuel pump rewire harnesses! Any time you upgrade your fuel pump or turn up the pressure, you increase the demand on the circuit for the pump. The circuit has about 30' of 18 gauge wire for the fuel pump, and the 20 amp fuse is shared with the PCM, injectors, coil pack, and a solenoid.


Our SRT-4 fuel pump rewire harness simply plugs into the fuel pump connector on the car and into the pump. A 10 gauge wire runs to the alternator along the brake lines, and a short 10 gauge wire goes to the nut holding the trailing arm bracket on. The relay and fuse can be mounted anywhere under the car since everything is waterproof unlike most other DIY kits. There is also enough harness to fish them through the grommet in the floor where the stock harness comes out.

The relay is turned on via the factory fuel pump circuit, and now you have a dedicated circuit for your fuel pump with 10 gauge wire throughout the circuit, install time is under an hour and the only reason you need a pair of wire cutters is to cut off the ends of the zip ties you use to secure it!

Single fuel pump rewire

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