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100% plug and play harness to install your N2MB WOT box without having to cut or splice a single wire! Simple unplug your cam sensor, TPS, and C101 (the black 14-pin connector up on the cowl area), install harness in series with them.

Then stick the WOT box connector and the clutch pedal wire through the firewall grommet. Insert the clutch pedal wires into the adapter (I leave it off because it's easier to stick a wire through the grommet than 2 more connectors), and plug inline with the clutch pedal switch.


Then plug in the WOT box and set it up!


Also have the option for an LED shift light! Simply plug into your WOT box serial port where the cable to your computer goes. Set it up in the software to "enable" shift light and set the RPM you want it to come on at!

WOT box harness

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